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For example, those with depression often have lower levels of endorphins. Drugs help artificially boost endorphin levels for a short period, so addicts feel happy and calm. However, once the chemical levels of these hormones drop again, users feel depressed again. Drug abuse can have devastating effects on your mental health and disrupt your body’s natural hormone levels and cycles.

Weight gain can lead to individuals feeling depressed, and trigger thoughts that their substance use might help them lose the weight they have put on. Poor sleep-hygiene can leave individuals feeling irritable, stressed, anxious, and experience low mood, which can also trigger a relapse. Individuals with an alcohol or drug addiction will experience varying degrees of withdrawal symptoms when they stop using their substance of choice.

#1: It’s Possible to Mend or Improve Relationships with Time.

Life as an addict involves constant physical and emotional pain, especially when you’re coming down from your high. Sobriety improves both your physical and emotional health in significant ways. All of the above drug-related school and work issues can lead to smaller paychecks than non-users. For example, the National Bureau of Economic Research has shown that people who invest more in their education also make more money. Drug users are also two and half times more likely than non-users to have absences of eight or more days, which can result in a loss of over a quarter months earnings for each instance. Because of drug-related physical and mental health problems, addicts can be rendered unable to work, relying on welfare to survive.

Metabolism rises and falls, bowel movements, and even one’s ability to focus on tasks. Food can be a trigger as much as family or a job can. Take on a diet that’s sustainable and stick to it to help establish a new routine.

The First Year In Recovery From Addiction

Instead, focus on things, experiences, and activities that will support your new, healthy lifestyle. Until you get into recovery, you can never understand the power of unity that is generated from staying sober one day at a time together. The support that you will get in a recovery program is undeniable. The kindness and genuine care that you will receive from the people you see in treatment and in recovery meetings are invaluable.

reasons to stay sober

These dreams are reasons to stay sober and to keep working towards a better and more accomplished you. Without drugs disrupting your life, you can think about what you want as well as take the necessary steps to get there. If you are struggling to stay sober, then start skipping events. Everyone’s feelings are important, which means your emotions and health are equal to people who may be celebrating or mourning. If a funeral is too difficult for you to attend right now, feel confident to say you can’t attend. If a wedding is happening, but you’re worried about being surrounded by alcohol, then politely decline to attend.

Signs My Child Has A Video Game Addiction

Sleep, diet, and overall health are directly correlated with the status of your mental health. As your lifestyle improves, you will find your emotions more stable and manageable. You will find yourself having less mood swings along with increased happiness. All American Detox Center is a drug & alcohol treatment center in Woodland Hills, CA that offers affordable, luxury treatment for addiction in Southern California. Get help now so you may live a life free of drugs and alcohol tomorrow. Call to talk privately with All American Detox‘s team, if you or someone you know needs to get sober and clean.

What are 5 benefits of being sober?

It's no secret that being sober has many benefits over living in active addiction. They include stable neurology, increased energy, ease of falling and staying asleep, improved skin, and, of course, saving both time and money.

Being able to forget about past trauma and daily stressors for a time can cause consumption to increase as tolerance builds up. Those who are addicted have no problem listing all the reasons why they keep using drugs and drinking alcohol, but we want to list some of the best reasons why you should get sober. reasons to stay sober Substance abuse has profound effects on the body. In sobriety, you aren’t putting toxic chemicals in your body, so you will actually have more energy and feel more alert and focused! Not to mention the fact that your internal organs get to take a break from working overtime to process the drugs and alcohol.

A daily plan for staying sober might look like this:

Many people drink with the same group of “friends”. There’s a variety of meetup groups online and plenty of free events. There’s no shortage of ways to get out and meet some new people with similar interests. Returning back to your old stomping grounds is one of the fastest ways to relapse. You need to get out of your old space, routine and mindset. One of the most efficient ways to do that is simply by moving.

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