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Enable dark mode, more bonus style modes on iOS and iPad. Press the circle button next to Style selection to switch style modes at any time. Even though you will eventually have to pay to use it, Swift offers a trial period so that you can evaluate the editor. Its primary benefit for beginners and […]

How To Enable Dark Theme for Notepad in Windows 11

This is a native Mac app, after all, so you don’t have to wait for an upload before things show up. TextMate basically employs the extremely robust capabilities of the UNIX command console in a user-friendly and neat GUI. This provides you with the best of the two worlds — as a committed programmer or […]

Michael’s TechBlog: Compare two text files with Notepad++

Specify the file encoding using the FileEncoding name-value pair argument. Specify the format and locale of the dates using the DateLocale name-value pair argument. For example, preview the file headersAndMissing.txt in a text editor. The file has a line with column names and another line with headers. Free service for documents up to 200 pages […]

Solved: DAX syntax highlighting in Notepad++

Search for Password hash and change it to no password. Click on the newly saved file and open it with Notepad. PS – Looking to remove a password from a Word document? Check out our guide to removing a password from MS word with examples. The downloaded file will be unlocked and be of the […]