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He might assume you’re doing the friends with benefits thing…while you’re trying to connect with him emotionally. If you have feelings for him, have a conversation about it so you don’t end up with hurt feelings. Platonic relationships are those that involve closeness and friendship without sex.

If you decide yes, the code can be broken…

Read on to find out whether you should date your guy BFF or not. If you are seriously considering taking the next step, it will change the dynamics of what you have right now. I always say there are many “wrong ones” we go through before the “right one” comes by.

Several of your conversations begin with “Do you remember that one night we …” and then you proceed to go through the night in full detail, laughing the whole time. If your own parents couldn’t bail you out of jail, you’d call hers next. You’re friends with her parents, and she’s friends with yours.

She says that telling your squad might be scary, but it’s important to do it whenever you feel comfortable. There is a danger of falling into a friends-with-benefits situation. But you should make it very clear to them that it’s not just about sex for you. You want a real, romantic, committed relationship with them. Being someone’s BFF is a big deal – you don’t hand over the other half of your “Best Friends” necklace to just anyone. Having a romantic partner who is also your best friend potentially sounds perfect.

This makes your relationship with each other a lot easier and smoother to navigate, another reason that you may want to say “Yes” to the idea of dating your best friend. Being able to have the right life partner is a great stroke of luck, and sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you’ll realize that your soulmate was disguised as your best friend the whole time. Sometimes the right person is the one who was by your side all along.

Everything You Need To Consider Before Dating Your Best Friend

You should therefore carefully consider whether the risk is worth it. Are you willing to risk harming your friendship, even ending it, for the chance at love? State your interest simply if you are still just friends.

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The Moral Conundrum: Is It Ever Okay To Date Your Friend’s Ex?

No matter what, having a friend date a person you don’t like is hard. You’d want them to forgive and care for you if you chose a bad match, so it’s a good idea to give them all the love you can. “Remember that you can’t control your friend,” Bennett says. If, despite your best efforts, things aren’t looking up, there’s still stuff you can do. “The key is to set appropriate boundaries. If you’re not comfortable hanging out with their partner, then assertively explain that to your friend,” Bennett says. In other cases, one person in a relationship may behave in ways that create toxic feelings.

Unfortunately there is no absolute way to know for certain whether a relationship with your best friend will work out. There will always be some risk involved in sharing your feelings, or pursuing a relationship. There’s no hard and fast rule that says people have to have the same friends their whole lives.

In a 1993 study, only 44 percent of college students indicated their romantic partner was also their best bud. The difference in best-friend/love rates, almost doubling over the past 20 years, could just be an artifact of the published research’s college student sample. Among adults currently in a romantic relationship, the vast majority considered their current partner to be their best friend. For those who are currently married, the rate was even higher. Men and women had similar rates, while younger respondents were slightly less likely than older respondents to view their partner as their best friend. Best friends can make good lovers if you both feel comfortable sharing your romantic needs and desires with each other.