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After over-hearing Mordecai and Rigby’s plan to put more time in at work, the duo show up with a contract that Rigby immediately signs for both of them. After forgetting to buy Coffee Bean and the Translator’s tickets, they are put under by chamomile tea, “the sleepiest of all teas”, and awake to find that the duo have stolen their tickets. After reclaiming their tickets, Mordecai and Rigby enter the concert hall, ditching Coffee Bean and Translator.

Tall Single claims you can meet women over 5’9″ and men over 6″2′, though the same can be said for any dating service. There is also no requirement to be over a particular height to sign up. Many users have found that having a complete profile increases their chances of matching.

The statement by Langfang officials said that anyone caught selling Christmas trees, wreaths, stockings or Santa Claus figures in the city would be punished. While the ban on the sale of Christmas goods might appear to be directed at retailers, it also comes amid a crackdown on Christians practising their religion across the country. On Saturday morning, more than 60 police officers and officials stormed a children’s Bible class in Guangzhou, capital of southern China’s Guangdong province. The incident came after authorities shut down the 1,500-member Zion Church in Beijing in September and Chengdu’s 500-member Early Rain Covenant Church last week.


GBF makes a cameo as a pixelated sprite in “Expert or Liar” after Rigby makes it to the final question in the game show Expert or Liar. When Rigby wins the show, he punches the show’s host, Bert Coleman, into the GBF clone’s mouth, which kills the host after the GBF clone explodes. GBF appears in the online game “Dimensional Drift”, once again as the main villain. She had been Mordecai’s girlfriend with reoccurring anger problems. She first appeared in the episode “Yes Dude Yes”, in which Mordecai started dating her after thinking Margaret was engaged. After learning that Margaret was not getting married, he almost immediately forgets about CJ, leading to an ugly break up at the coffee shop in which she revealed that she can transform into a deadly storm when really angry and assumed this form in three episodes.

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Howard Fightington and the other zombies appear again in “Exit 9B”, as one of the resurrected villains. The Destroyer of Worlds is a digital devil-head villain who appears in “Just Set Up the Chairs”. He is released from a video game after Mordecai and Rigby defy Skips’ warning and proceeds to wreak havoc until the trio summon the Lemon Chef to combat him, which ends with the Lemon Chef winning the battle.

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He was created by his father, a tailor, to serve an evil boss like Rich Steve. His father refused to accept $10 since it was not enough, so Rich took the suit by force and killed his father along with Rich’s guards. He later escaped from Rich after his father died, until Benson found him and wore it without knowing who the suit was. Thought it was an ordinary suit and quickly gets dirty when Benson stained it. The next day, the suit cleaned himself suddenly and appeared in front of Benson. He later revealed to Benson who he was and praised Benson as a worthy boss.

His girlfriend, Starla, shares a similar appearance to him and the couple constantly disgust other people when they publicly kiss and show affection to each other. His real name was revealed to be Mitch Sorrenstein in the episode “Muscle Woman”. He is revealed socialsex text to be Jewish in “The Christmas Special” in where he reveals he celebrates Hanukkah. Mordecai’s romantic life is the subject of several episodes, particularly his crush on Margaret Smith, a cardinal who worked as a waitress at a local coffee shop.

Mordecai is frantic when he hears the news and didn’t know what to say about Margaret staying with Eileen from now on. Eileen first appeared in the episode “Brain Eraser.” She also appears in the episode “Do Me a Solid”, in which Rigby learns of Eileen’s crush on him , though he goes along with it for a while. Since the episode “Camping Can Be Cool”, Rigby has warmed up to Eileen. Rigby thought very highly of her and praised her actions throughout the episode.

Muscle Man then makes fun of his story saying that it was weak and that his story about wrecking cars in a pit was way better. But Rigby says that “that’s not it” and turns out to be the wizard who disguised himself as Rigby. Everyone else is freaked out and screams as the wizard finishes the episode by saying, “Happy Halloween!” The Halloween Wizard also appears in an online game “Fist Punch 2” as an enemy and boss. Okay to be blunt, I want to try using a working tall person dating app.

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It does not specialize in matching tall singles, but it does allow you to search through the millions of users. Gareth “Gary” is the King of Synthos who went to school with Skips and the Guardians of Eternal Youth. He works as a valet for the Guardians and also made an appearance in the episode “Cool Bikes” where he served as Mordecai and Rigby’s lawyer. In “Gary’s Synthesizer” it is revealed that he has an old synthesizer that keeps him alive, but if any of its cables come unplugged or are tampered with, he will disappear. Although king of his home planet Synthos, he left to travel the galaxy and his half-brother David took over.